JAG: Ghosts of Christmas Past

Airdate: December 14, 1999.

On Christmas Eve, Harm goes to the Wall to pay his respects to his father. There, he meets a woman, Jenny Lake, a USO singer who knew his father and is able to tell him about his father's last two days on board the Ticonderoga.  Jenny had recently lost her fiancee, also a pilot, and she and Harm Sr. had become close as they remembered their loved ones.   Before his final mission, Jenny gave Harm Sr. a scarf for luck and in gratitude and he gave her his wings.

This is a role playing episode, with the main cast and recurring cast in various roles.  DJE played Harm Sr. and CB played Jenny Lake.  KT played an awesome Phyllis Diller.

TPTB were able to obtain Bob Hope's permission to use footage from the Christmas show he and his USO troupe did on board the real USS Ticonderoga in 1969.

download a clip from this episode of Harm Sr and Jenny Lake on the fantail

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